Saturday, March 24, 2007

New vs Old

Exactly a year ago, an international mega market finally arrived in town. I know I was pretty excited because that was a more familiar style of shopping for me. All of sudden neigbourhood supermarts, such as this one, livelihood were threatened. One year on, fortunately things are still looking good for our neighbourly shop, and it did made some improvements. Strangely, now I'm more attach to this shop than the mega one.

I'm participating internet shut down day which is today . To deal with my withdrawal, we planned a day trip out of town to watch movie "300" . Will check out your posts on Sunday.
Have a nice weekened, everyone!


Fabrizio ikol22 said...

I am not amazed at all you prefer those traditional old shops. They probably will be closed 'cause prices cannot compete with the mega store so, a good reason to visit them as often as you can. --- Uhm I voted "I cannot" = to shut off the computer for ine day :-(

papajoneh said...

I forgot about this. I need to shutdown too. thanks for reminding. time for TV then ;)
B4 i forgot, thanks for the 'leisure cruising link'. ;)

photowannabe said...

If the threat helped the neighborhood stores improve thats good. Shopping is not my favorite thing to do so any way to make things easier, I'm for it.
Have a great weekend and enjoy your movie.

Mimmu said...

Good idea, Kris! " Shut down day", really :) I am doing same thing and going to look at melting of ice and snow in our summer place.
Have a happy weekend!

Mimmu said...

Oh, sorry! I was joking, before I read the page of the shut down day project.
I will come back ! And now I say seriously, the good idea!

jonemo said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I posted the solution to my "Smile Clinic" picture today. You were really curious about whether it might be, so have a look ;)

And: I like shop front photography. Should post some of mine some day!

dijah said...

I guess when you are attached to one place,you won't budge eventhough there are more better places to go to.
BTW,this is a nice shot!

richard said...

I'm pleased that the local shops are surviving, even benefiting, having seen so many communities become sterilised in my home UK by the apperance of out of town megastores. Here in Switzerland there is still a healthy preponderance of small specialty shops and little vilage stores. There are quite a few megastores, but they're mostly electrical/household oriented and not general supermarkets

Kris said...

the medium-size shops still could compete in terms of prices, but the smaller ones are just hangin on a thin thread..

i agree. Some parts of Europe smaller businesses are maintaining their clientele ..i think in some cases it is still more convenient to shop locally.

ok, i going there ..thanks! and i'm waiting for your shots on supermart ;)

i love the shutdown day, it was relaxing and i felt less stress!!

papajoneh,'re like me. When not surfing switch to tv!!!

Thanks all for stopping by!

Mountainboy said...

Good on ya!
Power to the small traders!

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