Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quack or waaak

Mark of Taunton DP reckons it should be "waaak" :D ..Quack for me!This week a lot of us posted ducks/swans, here's mine! Nothing much to say today, let's go out and see the nature (or sleep!). For us we might walk to the liget (park), bring a book, and me of course with my camera. Enjoy yourself.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for ducks. They quack here but they don't in Japan.

Gerald England said...

Well it should be kwacking happy birthday as by my reckoning your blog is now a year old!

~tanty~ said...

I like to see the ripple of the water :)

Kalyan said...

Nice reflections in the water...well captured shot!

Anonymous said...

This is it, what I could certainly say glitz of water ( or can I, is this word at least a little right ? :)

Jazzy said...

kvak or quack for me Kris ;)
great patterns and reflections on the water, i'm sure you had relaxing time in liget =)

Ame said...

WOW Kris! Love this QUACKY shot! ;)

The water looks like ice cubes!

And oh-no...not another WACKY-QUACKY-DUCKY-GOOSY theme! LOL!

Sure why's better than looking at Mark's FLOWERS! (inside joke!) ;)

Have a wonderful week!

Kala said...

the way the ripples form on the bottom of the image makes it look like large ice cubes - great detail on this image! =)

Kris said...

"WACKY-QUACKY-DUCKY-GOOSY " huh? LOL!! what flower joke???

kvak ! I learnt something new ;)

glitz - sure!

Thank you all for stopping by!

Kris said...

they dont?!

Thanks! wow,how did you know? hahaah..yes indeed! decided not to make a big fuss.just take one day at a time :)

sorry Abraham, Gerald and Kala, your comments went to the spam box! Thanks for your visits!

Nathalie said...

Beautiful colours and reflections for this duck, Kris, and your family portrait with ducks the other day was absolutely wonderful too.

Meg in Nelson said...

Fascinating patterns on the water.

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