Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The daily question

what to cook today? Asking that question everyday can cause headaches!
The man in the photo found a solution :- get his lunch catered. All he needs to do is pick up his lunch (in food carrier) at the restaurant/caterer. A meal of soup and main dish cost about 2 Euros..convenient and economical.

Alternatively, like our clever neighbour who simply copies the daily menu (displayed outside restaurant) and cook it herself at home ;)

What about you?


midnite lily said...

2Euros. that's cheap & economical when you're living alone.

i haven't quite devised how to answer that Q yet. heh. just whatever i feel like.

maiylah said...

i don't really cook everyday, Kris .. except for the rice. or if laziness stikes, i just have food delivered (take-outs)! lol.

Jing said...

during the 5 working days, i eat in the canteen, convenient & economical.
during the weekend, its a big problem for me !!
Most time i choose to lie on bed, and think...and think...and think, time flies...i am so hungry and go out for the meals at last.


Dsole said...

I'm so lucky my mom is the one who cooks at home!
But today I'll cook some spaguetti, nothing really difficult I guees ;)

edwin s said...

Wah!! Tupperware tiffin! I aso wan!

Olivier said...

je passe souvent par la case traiteur, surtout on a un tres bon traiteur indien (Hummmmm...) mais ce soir, des pates et du poulet à la vapeur.

I often pass by the box delicatessen, especially one has a very good Indian delicatessen (Hummmmm…) but this evening, of the pastes and chicken to the vapor.

PUER-atelier said...

good ideas, i need some of them.
very nice images

Lilly said...

I agree, thinking up new things to cook can sometimes give you a headache. I used to hate cooking, but now I love it and don't mind experimenting with different ingredients. I went out for lunch with friends today and had a very nice, juicy burger with chips. It was so wholesome, I didn't need to eat for the rest of the day. Bon apetit.

jonemo said...

I lived in a university hall of residence for two years. They had the same meal plan every other week, more or less. And every Friday cod, peas and chips! After this experience you appreciate the fact to be able to decide what you want to eat ;)

Kala said...

sadly, I buy from nearby eateries on campus at the Uni - nothing special =P

ruth said...

You are so funny. First I read the title of the post, then I saw the photo of the man, then I read your first question. Made me laugh!

I always take lunch from home to work 5 days, either leftovers from last night's supper or some cheese and fruit. I love to cook too. What about you?

BTW, I haven't seen you at this new template yet. Nice!

Kris said...

cooking for me before living in Hungary is frying eggs, and instand noodle. Now I'M more into baking..that give such a feeling of achievement when the result tasted good, that is :D

while lunch for convenience,is those frozen food stuff or simple sandwich..we love bread :)

what about weekends? anyway, you'll get your chance to cook in the future.

funnily, i love canteen food ????

mmmmm..you're making me hungry!

yes!! i can never say no to curry!

you are so lucky!!

i think you're not a picky eater so that's fine

i bet you have all menus memorised and even the telephone numbers ..LOL!

from your blog i see you are craving for food from home ;)

Thanks all for your feedback!

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