Monday, March 19, 2007

Weird scene , take #123

Weird stuff I snapped during break ..the illuminated colours attracted me to make a closer inspection. Ah..balloons, but I dare not go too near for fear of being caught "in the act" (on the CCTV) for the premises belong to a bank!
I wish you a colourful Monday! Me, I'm ZZzzzzzzz

FYI, I discovered that some of your comments are going to my "spam" box (?) sorry, if i havent moderated yours, perhaps some i've mistaken and deleted !


blueboat said...

looks like a fun bank!! I hope they didn't buy those balloons with customers' money!

Nathalie said...

Fun at the bank, looks like a farewell party perhaps ? Yes you could be in trouble for photographing on the bank's premises, I got told to stop when I was taking a photo of a food court three days ago - because I was on the grounds of the Westpac bank. Dreadful!

BTW, your cemetary shot is extraordinarily spooky!!!

Jing said...

oh, whats this??
i really cant regonize it....
but i like your great duck!
i almost every morning spied on those happy ducks/swans in that lake i passed by.
very interesting.

thx for leaving your spring smell on SHDP.

shanghai daily photo

Lachezar said...

simple delightfully beautiful image!

Kate said...

Thanks for the spam warning because I normally just delete mine without checking. This is an appealing photo because of the lines and shapes.

Chris & Deb said...

very cool image-I particularly enjoy what the small tiles along the left side do to this composition-that element really adds another layer of interest!

Zsolt said...

I have a running and stressful day today...and visitig DP sites give me a little relax between two phonecalls:) And where I start?? In Szentes..of course:)

photowannabe said...

The composition of lines and curves is great and the color tones make an interesting photo. I guess Banks are a bit touchy on being photographed.

Olivier said...

la photo est tres belle, et les ballons tres bien proteges.

the photograph is very beautiful, and the balloons very well protect.

Kalyan said...

Really a perfect shot to remove the monday morning blues...Well captured & composed shot!

Carraol said...

Beautiful, strange & colourful picture!

Kris said...

you're welcome. like u i have been deleting without scanning. Strangely some regulars commentators are directed to spam box suddenly. Just need more time to monitor :)

thanks! i do the same as well even if I dont leave a comment at time ;)

chris & deb,
hey, that's my fave. bits too!

let's be careful. I think in such places, cam phone works better as long as we're not doing anything illegal, right? :D

hahahaha..i bet they did! and they'd expense it under "customer service"!

Thank you all for making a stop here !

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