Sunday, March 04, 2007

Saying good bye to winter 2007

Bonfire and fireworks in the rain? At first I was too lazy to pull myself from the couch to go for the bonfire but am glad I did. The turn out was encouraging as well. Couldnt get a good pic of fireworks, sorry.
That wasn't the end of the karnevál, next was back to the auditorium where rock band Zanzibar is awaiting to perform. Me, of course I'm happy to go back to my couch :)

*reflection effect was done with which i'm addicted!


isabella said...

Kris, what exactly are they burning? Father winter? ;-)

Kris said...

actually i've no idea what the bonfire symbolises ..hehe , me just follow like a sheep

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Astonished and amazed on how a mix of colour and B&W can come out so well. My best compliments !!!

Jing said...

like the reflections too.
and i just thought about the crowded temple here, people there really look less...
Last night, i at last really lost myself amongst the crowded: body and mind.

nice Sunday,

btw, we call the 15th day of lunar August is the Middle Autumn Festival, or Moon festival. and the Chinese Valentines' day is also another day: the 7th day of the lunar July. different!!interesing.

Lilly said...

haha!! Sometimes it's just nice and enjoyable staying at home, watching telly and not doing anything in particular. That's what I'm doing today (although there are tons of things I should actually be doing). Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me a new toy! I have become a child again, you know!

You have there a big fire as we have on 24. June !
It`s always a pleasure to look at your photos.

Dsole said...

oh, your treatment was great! Nice pic!

Jilly said...

Superb photograph. Love the reflection and just that one mass of fire. Extraordinary. Well done.

Jilly x

james said...

I see it was raining. It's almost always raining in Bath so I typically just stay in bed. In contrast to that, the couch sounds symptomatic of an active lifestyle.

Kala said...

I am glad u did so as well- your skill in capturing things through your lens is amazing - the black and white and flame red orange really is nice! This is better than fireworks! =)

Zsolt72 said...

I love this new technology Kris..thank you for sharing. I guess i will try it for my next post if I get familiar with it.
The result is wonderful!

The Wellspring said...

Wow - this is a very cool shot. Well done!


Kris said...

7th day of lunar July? Didnt know about it. July is particularly unpopular amongst the chinese in Malaysia due to the ghost month ?-)

Zsolt / Mimmu,
try it at your own risk! dont blame for being addicted, ok? quick show us the result! ;)

you're too kind! but thanks :)

LOL..are you kidding ?! couch can work as bed, didnt u know?

dont worry, relax there's always tomorrow! :p

Thank you all for your visits :)

maiylah said...

love the reflection effect!!!
yup, dumpr could be quite addictive ... ;)

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