Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saying good bye to winter

The official Karnevál is ongoing since yesterday. It kicks off to a slow start due to the rain. As usual the atmosphere picked up by the end of the programme with free flow of mulled wine. If you'll excuse me, today's activities will start at 9am..I don't wanna miss the "kiddie" train ride!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Zsolt72 said...

its a bit like the Busójárás. The photo is really wonderful...even the Szentes DP "logo" is reflecting:)

Kate said...

Kris, Finally...I've had a bit of a problem posting on your site in the past, but I have persisted because I've wanted to say "Hello!" Must be a computer voodoo! I love the reflections! Carnavals are fun, aren't they?

Kala said...

like true form - you manage to capture a very artistic shot with the reflections and colors - nice!

Anonymous said...

Nice photograph.

isabella said...

Hope you'll fit in a "kiddie train" ;-)
Have fun at the Karnevál

Jing said...

great photo!
great reflection!
your style of photography is so precious!
luv it!!

have the nice weekend.
shanghai daily photo

mad said...

Same to you. Don't drink too much of that mulled wine!

Dsole said...

Oh, this is great! Nice reflection shot!

Pamela said...

WOW! Kris, that's fantastic. Yes, I would be wanting to go to the "kiddie" train ride too. Don't go overdoing the mulled wine though! :)

Kris said...

zsolt / kala,
its an artificial reflection! :)

was too embarassed to queue along with the kids, we gave up!! :D

er..i prefer vodka, so wont be over doing it ;)

it can fit, the passengers are mostly parents with their kids. Like i replied to pamela, was too embaraseed in the end *blush*

howdy? Jenny told me she has the same problem when commenting this page. I've disable word verification, think that helped. I appreciate your determination :)

Thank you all for stopping by!

Lessie said...

I really like this picture. The colors just pop on the darker background -- and I like the reflection too.

Carraol said...

Kris, Hello again, Thanks a lot for all your comments. This picture is so artistic, with the black edge, the reflection & the central subject.

Kris said...

Thanks lessie,
yes, the dark edges help to focus on the subject. Especially useful to enhance crappy shots sometimes I get :D

you're welcome. I enjoy browsing your photos :)

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