Saturday, September 09, 2006

Szentes Geographic

Another behind the bush production..
personally, I think the following photos are best seen in slide show but i understand some of you may have slower internet connection; hence, I've composed the slide into collage .. you may see the slide production here (incl tunes) Enjoy your weekend!

Extra : Watch the production in slide & tune here

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Jazzy said...

Wow Kris - this is great. Love the song, slide... everything.

Have a nice weekend!

Juggerpix said...

He he he... very nice. Although I cannot get he images from that movie out of my head when I hear that whistling song.

Then I was thinking about a duck kicking someones butt.

Kris said...

jugger : hahahah..hopefully that someone is not me :D

thanks both for stopping by :)

~tanty~ said...

This is cool Kris! I do enjoy the slide! Enjoy your weekend too!

Keropok Man said...

Hi Kris

Your site is so nicely done! The picture is so peaceful and serene.

Hope you get to get some satay soon :-)

p/s finally a few sites that are fellow beta users, now I do not need to use others or anonymous to comment.

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Perfect sequence Kris.

Zsolt72 said...

I like this green very much. Really very peaceful autumn athmosphere. Soon these ducks will move.

Anonymous said...

You know, I love very much birds and especially ducks, but I cannot see anymore my duckie (bunnyhero pet) on my blog. I do not know if other people can see it, it perhaps only on my computer. Thank you for showing me other ducks.

Kris said...

anonymous : like zsolt mentioned, the ducks will migrate soon. will miss 'em :)

zsolt : for us here, the swans will visit a day or twon in windter. so stay tune for the photo :)

keropok man : if only i can grill satays here.... still planing for that day !

thank you all for stopping by :)

maiylah said...

somehow, like juggerpix, i can't seem to replace the images from that movie with these cute ducks, while listening to the song..!! :D

great idea, Kris!

ps. didn't need to log in again, after commenting the second time..

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