Friday, September 08, 2006

Be cool!

I didn't know that the police wear t-shirts these days. Policemen in ala CHIPs* style uniform is what I'm used to *wink*..with additional jacket on rainy/cold days. I guess it make sense for the remaining summer! What about your city/town?

*you do know chips the tv series , right?

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Zsolt72 said...

wow..really what a coinsidence:) we both wrote about policemen today.
Lately they not only wear t-shirts but they have bikes and shorts and baseball caps.

Kris said...

zsolt : if not for the handcuffs (i didnt check the writing on the back) i would have thought these guys are security guards!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris ,
With this sunny days this uniform style is needed!
In Greece our policeman didn't have T-shirts , they usually wore green T-shirts the policeman of the municipality.

selana 18

Ham said...

So what happened to their car ? Maybe they learnt how to park it ;-)

Lisi said...

ohhh, all these crimes in Europe...except that in London the Police is at fault, LOL

The weather looks so beautiful in this photo...

maiylah said...

nice one, Kris!
i don't know...i really haven't noticed them much, around here. security guards are more visible!lol...
but i guess, ours being on a tropical area, sometimes they wear casual shirts, too, while on duty... :)

enjoy your weekend!

Louz said...

Wow I really like the current layout for your blog. My favorite of all the ones I've seen.
Dynamite photos! The belly dancer photo really works though I know what you mean about being nervous.

Bicycle cops here in Tucson wear t-shorts and bike shorts.

Ame said...

Hi Kris! Doesn't look like they're in too much of a hurry to catch a crook....nice Summer stroll for them...and that's a GOOD thing! (=

Kris said...

ame : i'm guessing they strolling after lunch ! :D

Louz : this template is cleaner . good for photoblog, i think :)

maiylah : hahaha..yeah, back home i hardly see police patrolling. that's why corporations need to hire security ?

Lisi : true. I pity them taking risk in their job yet fingers pointing at them ...oh, lesss mistakes would help!

ham : they can do with some walkin! an average man can have a tummy but not the police! ;)

selena : Green !!!! they would look like forest rangers :p

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