Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rain dancers

would you have believed if I had told you these guys were performing infront (or below) the statue whilst i took Monday's photo? That's right, see for yourself here.

ho ma hey ya, ho ma hey ya hey..hey hey hey...All the way from Ecuador
, their music created a soothing atmosphere amidst all the other activities at Saturday's autumn festival . Yeah, I bought their CD and its sure worth it!

I have seen similar performances in other cities of Hungary. Have they visited your town/city yet?


edwin s said...

Yes, they came earlier this year. but they were put in the most awkward places:
- KLCC: by the escalator of the carpark
- BB Plaza: Ground floor entrance of Metrojaya.

And yes, harga ticket to travel very expensive because of the new airport tax rates. Can you imagine buying outside of MATTA time? Habis pok-kai!

Kris said...

edwin :
pity them guys..they deserve better!
ya lor, forgot about the airport taxes. I planed to go home next year and dare not even think of the ticket price.No Matta nothathing here :( ..chee sin & of course will pok kai! :D

Manuel Tendero Gil said...

hola estupendas fotos un saludo

~tanty~ said...

No, they haven't visited here yet. If they're coming here, I would like to see them :)
Ho ma hey ya, hey hey hey ...

Jazzy said...

great guys - making people happy around the world, must be a great do what you do and travel everywhere.

nice shot - you can see them dancing, like it very much

Jing said...

I like music...all kinds of music!
anyway, they havent came to shanghai yet...:(
hope one day i can see them perform ~~~

Anonymous said...

Szia !
Ez nagyon jó !! Szép színek, mozgás,
"Horváth Mihály" előtte az indiánok ... :-) !!

Lisi said...

I've seen this kind of music performance in San Francisco and Vancouver, although probably not the same group and they had some CDs for sale too. The music is good especially outdoor

Zsolt72 said...

I can see them very often at the Astoria in Budapest. I have the CD, too...:)

Shelly said...

Wow, that is fantastic! This is not something I would have every expected to see on your site...maybe in Texas or something! Great shot Kris!

miss tango in her eyes said...

No, but they should come here to Capilla Del Monte and put out the fires on the mountain.

Kris said...

Jing/ miss tango : i have a feeling they will visit Buenos aires soon :)

shelly : the first time i saw them in another city I was so glad. Its refreshing scene on the streets!

zsolt : did u like the cd?

Lisi : i think they are diff groups all together and they do sound better on the outdoor then on CD ..maybe i should blast the stereo?

Roka : i checked your webpage and wow you have great "nagyon szép kép!" (ahem, that the limit of my Hungarian )

tanty : Go girl !!! ho ma hey hey!!

Jazzy : They do spread some joy! Hopefully, you'll see them in Tuzla soon :)

Thanks everyone for visiting :)

Tim Rice said...

Beautiful costumes! Bet they are fun to watch.

Skye said...

Szia! I'm really enjoying your pictures... I lived in Hungary for a year as an exchange student. In Debrecen. It's really nice seeing some pictures from "home". Everytime we had a festival in Debrecen the Indian dancers were there. I saw them a couple times in the metro stations in Budapest, too.

Kris said...

tim : yes ..the live rhythm was fantastic! :)

skye : Szia! I'm afraid i'm un familiar with Debrecen, will check the map in a bit. They're quite popular in this part of the world
again, thanks all for stopping by :)

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