Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pigeons scaring system

got to give my partner credit for thinking up the title!
Pigeons' poo are nearly everywhere. Its not only nuisance, its hazardous to health (in long run). The town hall is planning to install mild electrodes in areas where pigeons are heavily populated to keep them away. Am not familiar with the system, I do hope it is a safe method :)

ps. have an appointment with hair dresser in 15 mins. Read you posts later ;)


Jazzy said...

poor chap - they really like him =)
maybe nails or pins would do the job, i've seen it before and it works.

did you get a new haircut? hope you’re happy.

Olivier said...

tres belle photo, avec les pigeons comme garde du corps de la sculpture.
beau coup d'oeil

macky said...

You look a little sad perhaps because of the white stuff on the head?

selana18 said...

I will prefer this face for a pigeon scary system...nice title... lol.

Nice capture as always....
What about your new hair look?

Kris said...

feels light and fresh now with my hair chopped off :)

clever idea to use the face as deterant :p :D

sort of. The statue was just recently renewed and it already need a wash..

never thought that the pigeons are guarding the statue..perhaps so :)

Lisi said...

good shot, he looks quite helpless with what the pigeons are doing to him.

Chris said...

Who is this guy that scares pigeons ? if it really works, can we share a worldwide patent ?


Meg Nakagawa said...

Hee hee... Ben went to shoot this one sculpture in the middle of the day Saturday. He previously shot it at dusk, so it was lit up and very atmospheric. Well, in the middle of the day, he say lots of seagull 'marks' all over the sculpture. I'm not sure if he's going to clean up the picture before posting...

Felicia said...

Wow, electroshock treatment huh?! That is tough. Like Jazzy, I've seen pins or nails and it keeps the birds away! Glad you like your new hair!

John said...

Melbourne just uses small metal spikes facing upwards so the pigeons can't land. Not too obvious to the eye, so it doesn't spoil the setting. Seems to work ok.

Juggerpix said...

The guy's face seems to express some anger at the pigeons himself. Great picture, I really like the weathering on the guys face.

Didn’t I hear awhile ago that they chased most of the pigeons out of Trafalgar Square? I wonder how they did it.

Ame said...

Hi Kris! How's the hair? Any pink or purple highlights? ;-) And this is a really neat full of texture! And that face...WOW! Such wonder the pidgeons like hangin out!

Kris said...

i coloured my hair black, ame! suits me better than purple :D

not sure what they did in UK but trafagal sq. without pigeons will not be the same!

this sharp ,spiky nails method seem to be used wide now that you guys mentioned it. I wonder why we didnt opt for that?

cleaning up before taking the photo? ewwwwwww ..

LOL!!! ok, it is now PIGEONS SCARY SYSTEM (TM) !!

he is frowning, right?!

Once again , thank u all for the interesting feed back :)

Meg Nakagawa said...

No, silly, photoshopping. I wouldn't let him in the house if he cleaned teh statue!

Kris said...

lol ! photoshop..of course ..heheh

Nathalie said...

Translation of Olivier's comment : Beautiful photo with pigeons acting as bodyguards to the sculpture, Great eye!
I would add my own: excellent perspective and details, an extremely powerful picture!

Kris said...

thank you so much for helping with the translation. I use babel fish to translate but it sometimes give funny translation.

thank you for taking the time to browse through my photos :)

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