Saturday, September 02, 2006


Once a year a day is dedicated to the popular Hungarian dish Lecsó (lecho) in our town, that is today. However, this year's celebration will lasts for 2 days, beginning last night. On top of that we get better variety of programmes as well as diversity in terms of the performers (first time i see brazilian dancers here). Hope we'll continue to embrace diversity in this town.
Cooking competition coming up this afternoon..stay tune for tomorrow!

Have free time? click to see my fave pics. from the festival :)
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Jazzy said...

Heeellooo Kris =)

nice to have you back, hope you had a nice break.

Thx for stopping by!

Ame said...

Hi Kris, welcome back! Great action the color and the lights & darks...oh, gorgeous door too! You have a LOT of catching up to do! LOL! (=

Anne said...

Hey Kris! Is this true are you really back! Yey! I missed all your photos so much! Glad you are posting regularly again :)

Kris said...

hi all!
yes, i'm back and lots of catching up to do !!!

thank you for dropping by :)

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