Thursday, September 28, 2006

Corporate Hungary

A truck baring this sign was parked infront of the abandoned hotel. For me, this is a refreshing sight. The contemporary design against the ruins created such a constrast of past and future. Also, it gives a touch of modernity to the town.. although am not quite sure what's a female face got to do with selling paper?


~tanty~ said...

Maybe just to attract the attention. People like seeing beautiful faces, right?

Olivier said...

Bravo, j'adore le contrasme entre la publicité et les maisons derrieres.
Oui je pense comme 'tanty' la fille est la juste pour attirer l'oeil.

Jazzy said...

yea she is beautiful and she probably doesn't have anything to do with paper - strange but those kind of ads are used everywhere in the world.

the building behind needed a make up so they made an effort =)

Suzanne said...

Just a quick note to say that I'm enjoying all your photos. As for what the female face has to do with paper...Sex sells. That's the gist of it.

dutchie said...

Like the others above, i think she's just there to attract the eye.
Interesting that as a Hungarian company they would use an asian face.

Kim said...

Super photo! Seems to me picturing the strong features of an Asian woman is supposed to relate to the "maxi-silk" written on her face. I'm curious why a Hungarian ad would be written in English? Perhaps not a Hungarian company. . .

Neorelix said...

Selling paper is sexy? Selling paper makes her love you? Driving a truck makes her sell papers looking sexy? I dunno but she got all our attention!

Lachezar said...

Love it!
Well done

macky said...

Nice contrast! But I wonder why she get a little angry.

Juggerpix said...

I don't know what she would have to do with selling paper. Actually, she looks a little bored, like paper might not be her thing. Perhaps she is mad because she wanted to be the plastics spokesperson.

Kris said...

" she wanted to be the plastics spokesperson. " - lol! your amazes me!

true . the longer i look ,the same feeling i have that she's angry or something :D

hmmm...paper buyers are male ? :D

the paper must be smooth as silk. that's what they're trying to say, i guess. After that i check the web page, the group is from Germany.

as i checked the co. belongs to germans.. hmmm..

yes, SEX does sell!! st least their just showing her face ;)

make-up coming soon for the building. stay tune!

c'est vrai. Il a obtenu mon attention !

ohterwise i wouldn't have noticed the sign :D

Thank you all for your interesting feedbacks!

maiylah said...

hmmm...maybe something to do with the woman's silky soft skin and the paper's same qualities?
lol...just a crazy thought. ;))

Irredento Urbanita said...

Hungary is an unknown world for me, Thanx to you I am discovering.

Greetings from Perú

Kris said...

you're welcome! make sure your check Budapest DP as well ;)

your analysis was what i have presumed as well :)

again, thanks all!

kostas said...

I like the contrast,new face old building.

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