Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Another day as DP blogger...

I'm reporting from the central part of the town. Fine morning, it was. Wonderful sun shinning. Things are still pretty quiet, as you can see. In this photo this man seems to me is standing in the middle of the street, paused in time...don't you think?
hehe, i think i'm watching too many tv fiction, Heroes .


ruth said...

Kris, you made me laugh (not too loud because my son is sleeping on the chair), a) because you said you were "reporting." I often think of myself as a photojournalist for ELDP. And b) because the man does look like he's just standing there! So funny. His legs are not in walking motion.

Olivier said...

surprenante cette photo, avec cet homme au milieu de la route.
est ce un extra terrestre qui vient d' atterir et cherche le chemin direct vers le pere noel ?
ou tout simplement quelqu'un qui veut refaire sa vie, mais hesite....
Belle photo et comme d'habitude superbe coup d'oeil

surprising this photograph, with this man in the middle of the road. is this extra terrestrial which has just arrived and looks for the direct way towards the Father Christmas? or quite simply somebody who wants to remake his life, but hesitates…. Beautiful photograph and as usual superb glance

Lisi said...

Kris, how did you make that guy posing for you? Sunny Christmas? Good for you and I hope you've had a wonderful time :-)

Lessie said...

Now that you mention Heroes -- that is exactly what he looks like! Fun!

Jazzy said...

oh i love the stillness in the photo.
great day you had, i miss sunshine.

Gerald England said...

Isn't he Santa, changed back into civvies after a long night and looking for lift back to Lapland?

Lavender Lady said...

I think he can't decide which way to go! Great shot.

photowannabe said...

Maybe he can't decide whether he's coming or going....There is a certain sadness to it.

Zsolt72 said...

or maybe he is surprised that its like March in December:)

selana18 said...

Your imagination is fascinating!
Really like it and really miss your posts!

Many wishes for a happy new year!

tr3nta said...

wishes of happy new year from Madrid... nice photo strange violet colors...

Kris said...

happy new year to you ,too!

where are you??? we all miss your posts!

i do hope no big changes in the next few months, i can live with this weather very well ;)

lavendar / photowanabe,
heheh,,,yeah he is at the cross junction!

lol! good one! however, his luggage is a little small for the santa suit, no?

at the same time, I envy your snow!

with his 6th sense , kua?!

you mentioned lots of possibilities..who knows, may be all!

:)) on the larger you can see the little motion

Thank you all for your visits :)

Lachezar said...

Oh how I love this photograph!
I wish I was there with my camera.

So well done!


maiylah said...

lol ... wonderful timing, Kris!

Kris said...

the wonders of multiple shots ;)

when you expect nothing, you're more likely to get something :)

Thank you both for stopping by !

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