Friday, December 22, 2006

Time for giving

What are these 2 young ladies up to? Not protest, for sure!
see for yourself
ok, the photo was crappy, the sign reads Free-hugs. Their action didnt seem perculiar to me, 'cos I first read about it at Barcelona DP.
At the time of the photo, I didn't see anyone coming forward for a hug though. Anyways, bless the two for having the courage and put the cause into action. Never underestimate the power of hug, someone will surely benefit from it. Let's see if i'll bump into them again today. Fingers crossed!

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ps. am finally up to date with my post...cant tell you how relieved I am!


ruth said...

I hope you'll let us know if you find out anything more. I'm curious!

Kate said...

This whole movement tickles my fancy! Looks like fun, too. I guess it depends on who's doing the hugging.

Ryan of OC Photos said...

I have heard of this but I have never seen this in my area.

Faye Pekas said...

What a sweet thing to do. Did you get a hug?

Zsolt72 said...

they are very cute!:) I guess I heard about an action like this in China..(maybe in Shanghai) but I am not sure.

Jazzy said...

great idea, i've never heard about it before.

tr3nta said...

some times it fells good...

merry christmas

Olivier said...

mon anglais etant leger leger, j'avoue ne pas tout comprendre avec cette histoire de 'free-hugs'

my English being light light, I acknowledge not all to understand with this history of “free-hugs”

Carlos said...

I would have given them a free hug myself. I wonder why no one accepted the offer.

Irredento Urbanita said...

I am agree with you. But perhaps the problem is what we give?
Consumism is eating Christmas.

maiylah said...

i think i've heard of this before ... but haven't seen this in our area. :)
am still "here", Kris ... but we will be leaving tomorrow. will try to visit whenever i get the chance. :)

denton said...

Hugs from strangers are not that important in every day life to me. However, when I have a difficult spot in life (for example when a loved one pass on) I benefit tremendously from every hug received. Bravo for these ladies.

Jing said...

Zsolt, you are right!!
in shanghai, there is an organization in shanghai, we called it "bao4 bao4 tuan2"(抱抱团),in literally, bao4(抱)=hug,tuan2(团)=organization. the members in it just do the same thing as the 2 girls in this shot:free-hugs. But I have no chance to meet them...:P


Kris said...

i was on a bus . unfortunately we didnt have time yesterday to walk that street as we were busy shopping :s

i agree with you too. I admit that i'm lost in the materialistic of christmas rather than the spirit :)

travel safe! remember to bring back loads of photos, ok ;)

Thanks for the explaination , Jing !

you have a point. when you're down and out, any support is comfort :)

Thank you all for visiting!

Kala said...

Ahhhhh I wish I got a hug hahaha =D
I love your peopl posts !

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