Monday, December 18, 2006

still on 2 weeks ago....

cold water
ripples past reeds -
the lights are on
words by : Mandy
..many thanks, Mandy! simply love the words you provided.
sorry guys, have been neglecting my blog and yours. Another translation dateline due tomorrow, on top of that still need to finish off my christmas shopping. yikes!


Olivier said...

tres belle photo, j'aime beaucoup.

very beautiful photograph, I like much.

Jazzy said...

love the lovely words.
great colours and light.

Jing said...

beauty among the simple~~
cool shot!!

shanghai daily photo

Anonymous said...

Autumn atmosphere in your beautiful picture, but I found this weather forecast to Hungary, is that right today?

Have a nice week, Kris!

Anonymous said...

sorry, if URL does not working, I try put it again.

Chris & Deb said...

beautiful composition of warm and cool colors. A delight for the eyes!

Lisi said...

oh you're on a deadline too!!! but you still got lots of nice shots here...I don't think my Panasonic can get this shot...or probably it's me :-)

Lachezar said...

Beautiful melancholic images your last two posts Kris!

photowannabe said...

Great composition. I love the coloring.
I have to finish my Christmas shopping too. The time is moving too fast for me.
Have a great day, Kris.

Felicia said...

Beautiful reeds Kris. I like the trees below too - so many little leaves! Good luck on your deadline(s)...countdown until Christmas!

Kate said...

Simple but so creative and imaginative.

ruth said...

Thank you for the nature photo, with the contrast between the plants and the sparkling water. It's soothing.

kris said...

you've got 4 days left, not too bad , really ;)

sure you can, Lisi. mine is pana. too! set the dial to aperture. at the momenet, i'm experimenting with this function a lot. the colours to me have more depth.

the links work fine :) it was projected to snow but it didnt happen :(

Thank you all! i'm off the hook from translation, so relief!

Kala said...

beauty in simplicity and lovely post!

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