Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rush hour II

Rush, rush, rush at the bus terminal
Are you travelling home this holiday?
I wish you a safe journey!


Jazzy said...

hope you're having not so hectic time this weekend but nice and possibly delicious one with all the lovely festive food =)

photowannabe said...

We're on our way to our sons home in just a few hours. Its not rush, rush to get there but the joy of being there with family and grandkids.
Have a wonderful Christmas, Kris.

Olivier said...

ici aussi, on a "the rush hour" mais en ce moment c'est pour aller faire les derniers courses de noel ;o)

here also, there is “the rush hour” but in this moment is to go to make last the races of Christmas ;o)

Gert Bruhn said...

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Meg in Nelson said...

I can't get over how warm it looks, Kris. I hope you have a very merry Christmas, be showered with kisses and hugs by your partner, and get to eat lots of yummy Hungarian Christmas treats!

~tanty~ said...

Hi Kris!
Just stay home this holiday. Enjoy your holiday :)

Kris said...

food, is the thing i'm enjoying this season apart from the family gathering :)

hope you're having a grand time!

hahah, hope you've got all gifts wrapped and ready ;)

the original is crappy and blur shot, i cheated with adding difusing and warmth ;)

Yup, stay home with family and relax! what better ways to spend the season :)

Thanks again, all!

Zsolt72 said...

thanks God we traveled by car yesterday to my sister's village. Otherwise to travel is mission impossible nowdays. All the InterCity tickets are sold! So staying at home is the best now:)

maiylah said...

yup, definitely saw lots of travellers yesterday while we were on our way here (my in-laws) ...
traffic was doubly terrible!

but still, it was nice because you can see that people were getting ready for the festivities!
... and going to their respective provinces is part of it. :))

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