Saturday, December 16, 2006

Counting down

Was out to buy some parsley and quickly caught this scene for you. Lots of activities on the Kossuth street counting down to christmas. We haven't even put up the tree. Have you?

excuse me, have to clean up the kitchen :)


Olivier said...

deal de sapins, mais que fait la police ;o) bon menage et surtout un bon weeck end

deal of fir trees, but which the police force makes; O) good household and especially a good weeck end

Jing said...

busy street view.
oh, i fried the parsley today for lunch...
but too cold outside, i bough it yesterday.

have a nice weekend.

shanghai daily photo

Kate said...

As I drive on the streets after dark, it seems like the majority of homes have their trees up and decorated already. This lot looks like it's doing a brisk business.

kris said...

do you mean its illegal to sell this way in your city?

Hmmm..fried parsley, interesting ˇo^. Mine was for garnishing :)

have a wonderful weekend both!

kris said...

i heard some people put trees up a day before..well, its a matter of Free or not ;) Enjoy your weekend, Kate!

maiylah said...

nope, no christmas tree in our house, Kris ... lol.
we'll be going on a short vacation, so we really didn't think of putting one. ;P
happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

We have always put Christmas tree up and decorated it in the morning of Christmas Eve and after early dinner about five or six o`clock will Santa Claus arrive :)
At most a day before Christmas Eve people in this country put up Christmas trees,which means, that Christmas is here. It is good to know different customs of other countries.

Jing said...

oh....i think we are talking different parsley...:P
i mean the Chinese parsley, just now i should be called coriander.
hee hee....:P
but i first know it as the Chinese parsley.....oh, the food names are the big problems for me to distinguish them in english.
god helps me!!!!

Jazzy said...

i'll only have lights, no tree for me, but these look great.
i quite like the smell of them =)

Faye Pekas said...

Yep we put our tree up last weekend. We still have people selling them around the town though, in much the same manner of these folks.

Zsolt72 said...

in my family we usually bought the tree days or even weeks before xmas but we put it up and dressed up only on xmas day in the morning. It made that day even more special...

kris said...

Hello all,
:) its interesting to hear diff. variation in preparation toward christmasday , thanks for sharing!

Hi, Maiylah!
oh, it sort of surprised me to know you didnt intend to put up a tree..well, Have fun and enjoy the holidays :))

Hey, Jing,
after my reply, i reckon you meant chinese parsley..My mom hardly cook it, because no one in the family like them :D

Thank you all for stopping by!

ruth said...

We put ours up last weekend (see it here:, which is actually LATE for people around here, who sometimes put them up the first weekend of December, or even November. Christmas gets earlier every year. I've heard in Europe you put the tree up day before Christmas. I like that too. It's so warm here I still have parsley growing in my herb garden. I want snow! I love this photo, Kris.

Keropok Man said...

i am too lazy to put up a tree! hate taking them down to keep. :-)

kris said...

keropok, too! it was not a custom at home to put up christmas tree as we celebrate CNY. But in rome , do as the rome ;)

maybe family with young children tend to decorate sooner. Boils down to individual's tradition plus convenience :)

Thank you all for your comments:)

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