Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tracing 3 - The secrets of Vecseri Street

The title is straight from the article "I" read , it's not really secrets but rather an account of what took place 62 years ago. Vecseri Street was formerly a ghetto, the ghetto where the Jewish community was relocated. It all began......

April 28, 1944
central government issued an instruction for all counties to relocate jewish community to ghetto.

May 6, 1944
Szentes made a decision to adhere to the mentioned instruction
May 9, 1944
All Jewish families were brought to the ghetto of Vecseri Street. The community was guarded by armed guards.
Each family was entitled to only one room each where corridors, kitchens, courtyards were also classified as rooms!
Each family was allowed to bring 1 of each item :- wardrobe, bed, table, chair and some clothing.
About 398 jewish lived in the getto until Jul 16, 1944.
Jul 16, 1944
Following further intructions from the cent. government, all families were transported to detention camp at Szeged.

After the war, some did return to the town. But eventually these families left the town due to the slow economy recovery.

Source :
Szentesi Élet

I got to know about the ex-ghetto from Mr. Griff Tedd, an Englishman who has resided in Szentes. He sent me some photos he took of the place . Last week, when we visited the area, the plaque (small pix) is no longer in place. Whether it has been removed or stolen, I have no idea..

PS . I tried commenting but i keep getting error messages after a few posting..ah well, later...


isabella said...

Very sad reminder of the past.
Too bad about the plaque - are there feelings of anti-semitism in Hungary?

Olivier said...

photo et commentaire tres emouvant. on ne pourra jamais rien contre la connerie humaine malheureusement.

photograph and comment very moving. one will never be able nothing against the human connery unfortunately.

Kris said...

people here are generally live harmoniously. So, no i dont think anti-semitism is evident here.

we learn from past mistakes..

Jing said...

I cant tell you the reason, but really really like your this style photos.
and very interesting information about history.Oh,god. I need time to take photos about the ghetto once existed in shanghai.

By the way, i like that doggie in black&white too.

lisi said...

that is one of the darkest period of human history...

photowannabe said...

A very sad time in history and a sad time in the world. People's cruelty to one another has always boggled my mind. I'm glad a memorial is being mad again so people won't forget.

Lessei said...

Wow. The photo is great in itself, but the history you have added with it makes the combo...stunning, sobering. Thank your for sharing this history with us.

Felicia said...

Kris, I really appreciate you showing us the remnants of Jewish history in Szentes. Now that the sign is gone, how will one ever know if not from learning from others?

Victoria said...

Beautiful, simple photo and very moving description. It is too bad that the plague is gone.

Zsolt72 said...

sad memory. I remember you posted months ago about this topic.

don said...

they info about it and the history is sad. but the picture i like a lot

Carlos said...

I like it when you refer to the past in your pictures. I remember as well, Zsolt.

Kris said...

carlos / Zsolt,
in my earlier post, I didnt find more info. on the subject until friend, Mr.Griff sent my the pics. which set me to deep further :)

yup, exactly!

i was reading a photo book on Jewish quaters in Budapest..in it there are so many beautiful architecture, sadly some have dissapeared..so I quest to know more

so will i see a post on ghetto in Shanghai?

Thank you all for your feedback :)

maiylah said...

a horrifying history ... but a reality.
i wonder if there are ghosts around the area? :)

Kris said...

funny you were to ask. The place does give a depress feeling ..

maiylah said...

maybe because of all those gut-wrenching emotions (or auras?!) left behind, Kris ... :S

Kala said...

interesting history - the wear on the plaque says it all!

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