Monday, January 22, 2007

Early bird catches the worms

Today is the Culture day of Hungary as well as the birth of the national anthem. In line with the occasion, the theatre company organised a play at 10am, too early for us to make it :p
We stopped by to catch a glimps nonetheless. The sign read "full house" and people already were enjoying themselves in the auditorium.


Olivier said...

sur cette photo, j'aime beaucoup l'emplacement de ta signature, elle donne l'impression que tu tiens un stand dans ce musée ;o)

on this photograph, I like much the site of your signature, it gives the impression which you hold a stand in this museum; O)

photowannabe said...

Great capture through a window and I agree that the name is situated perfectly.

Kris said...

thank you both for your comments :)

maiylah said...

auditorium looks inviting!
yup, excellent place to put your signature-name, Kris!
looks like it's your gallery ... :))

Kala said...

nice artsy post! luv the lights and where you placed your tag =)

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