Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One item less

Yay! finally "swimming pool" has been struck off from the list of places to photograph (specifically for this blog). I think I probably won't be as interested in the activities going on around me if not for this blog. So, I do get satisfaction out of this.. then again, my "to photograph" list is getting shorter and I havent even reached 300th post! what about you? do you have a format for your DP?

Some info. regarding the pool and water polo
The first open air swimming pool was completed in 1896.
The 50 metre pool was later added by 1932.
Our teams play a significiant role in contributing to the world famous Hungarian water polo.
The women team are several timeas Hungarian champions and European and world champions.
The junior team are also 2 times Hungarian Champions.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I just shoot what I see each day. Sometimes it's boring, but sometimes it's interesting. You never know. :)

Gerald England said...

Everytime I think I'm running out of things to photograph something new appears -- then again we can shoot the same thing in a different season -- I took three pictures from one vantage point today -- one didn't really convey what I wanted, one did what I thought it would and the other was a real discovery as I got a lovely scene that I didn't really see until the picture appeared on my computer screen.

What seems familiar in your town is strange and evocative for those in foreign parts.

You do great -- keep it up!

Lisi said...

the water looks sea water in this photo and the color tone is nice!

Kris, your photos are beautiful so never mind the can shoot those snails many more times and make nice shots! :-)

Faye Pekas said...

I love the lighting here. Makes the area look warm and cozy.

I don't have a list of things to photograph. I just take off driving and turn down every little road I can find looking for photo ops.

Mimmu said...

Just looking around, what is coming,
no pressure about this.
Warm colours in your post today!

Olivier said...

superbe cette photo, pas facile de prendre des photos de sport en interieur. les couleurs sont magnifiques.
sinon j'ai une petite liste, que je met a jour regulierement quand je lis ou trouve quelque chose de bien sur Evry. Et puis apres il y a l'idee qui vient quand on se ballade, sans but mais avec quand meme l'APN pret a frapper ;o)

superb this photograph, not easy to take photographs of sport in interior. the colors are splendid. yes I have a small list, which I updates regularly when I read or find something of good on Evry. And then after there is the idea which comes when one trotts oneself, without reason but with nevertheless the ready APN has to strike; O)

photowannabe said...

I don't have agenda either. I like the feeling of going with the whim of the day. Nice pictures Kris, keep it going.

Jing said...

oh. nice shot.
it must be warm for me, i only think of the warm weather...:P

and talking about the format...format....oh, i never am good at this kind of thing. IF, IF, i make a canlender, the timetable, or something like that...i am so easy to forget about it...:P
so for me, before i thought SHDP is a blog for me to post the view i saw in my daily life....maybe its not good. I need an aim, to show the whole or just part of the city. That is suitable for the blog's name. do you think so?

but the city is really too big.

ruth said...

I agree with everyone here, Kris. Your photos are always great, and often inspirational. This one has such interesting colors! No matter what, I like to look at Szentes.

But I also know what you mean, because that's one of the pressures I felt at ELDP. It's one thing to be in Paris or NYC and find lots to photograph. It's much more challenging in little towns like Szentes and East Lansing.

A Slice of Life said...

I never thought of making a list. It would be intersting to see what is on yours though. Usually I just haul my camera around with me and take whatever is interesting to me. Some days are harder than others.

Kris said...

Dear all,
Firstly thanks everyone for the kind words :)

a slice of life,
my list? mainly consists of the places to visit of sort. The rest like everyone has said more of ad-hoc basis.

at times I wish I could move and start another new DP ..I mean I like to do DP that much!!

Most of us try to put some pieces of us in our posts. In fact, I think readers prefer that. Although Calendar, events and such will help to fill the gap in betweens when inspiration runs dry ;)

agenda ..that's a serious word :D

hear, hear!

that's my problem I put lots of pressure ....

if the town is big enough, its great !

snails are seasonal...heheh

Good tip on the vantage point..I'll keep that in mind

yes, I'll just be relax..somedays I'm just blank

Keropok Man said...

For me, if there's something interesting, it becomes a series, if not, it's pictures I have taken for the last few days, i pick the ones that I feel like posting.

Sometimes, a very interesting capture will 'jump queue' and gets posted the next day.

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