Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The first photo i snaped for 2007

Yesterday's theme day was most enjoyable for me.. With it, I got to revisit some fantastic photos by you (who took part) as well as discovering some missed ones. Thank you!
I'm sure you'll agree maintaining daily photo blog is sometimes a breeze and at times it feel like a task! Having said that, I know this year you'll continue to inspire me, to bring the best (or worst) of my town to the DP community.


Louz said...

Hi Kris - Lovely photo. I've never taken a photo of pigeons that I liked but you make it look easy. Simple but elegant.

Kris said...

what i learned is when expecting too much from my subjects, I normally wont get what i want..now i just relax and let things happen :)

Anonymous said...

That`s very prudently said! Also pigeons in your photo seems to be very relaxing.
I like this photo!

Have a happy year 2007, Kris!

Faye Pekas said...

I like this very much. They are like musical notes but I can't quite pick out the tune.

Great first shot of the year.

Keropok Man said...

If only they all can chirp a note each. then you can have a wonderful orchestra

Olivier said...

tres belle photo cette reunion.
on dirait une chorale prete a chanter.
les ombres sont magnifiques

very beautiful photograph this meeting. one would say a ready choral has to sing. the shades are splendid

ruth said...

I like your attitude, Kris, very much.

Each pigeon is incredibly detailed and unique. I really love it! Thank you for the inspiration, and for just letting it happen.

edwin s said...

Selamat Tahun Baru! Before you know it I'll be wishing you Kong Hei Fatt Choy :)

It seems like only yesterday we started our respective DPs but it'll soon be our 1st anniversary. It may be a task sometimes but always a joy. And we'll continue to inspire each other...all around the world.

have a great year Kris!

kris said...

Selamat tahun baru!
yes, 1st anniversary is around the corner. That's a hell of achievement, dont you think ?

Keropok / Olivier,
they probably WERE having a chorus session. who knows ;)

Thanks, Ruth! yes, let's help each other :D

Thank you all for your visit :)

Lessie said...

This is a fabulous capture. Happy New Year!

Carlos said...

I like your words. They sum up more or less the essence of our daily posts. You always have and will be a reference in this group, for your versatility, your innovation and your friendliness. Happy 2007!

jenni said...

I agree!!! It is this DP community that inspire as well as keeping me on the lookout!

And, what a very nice shot that you captured to start out this year! spontaneous!

teo mocchi said...

OH YES!This photo reminds me a Pixar short film...do you remember it?
Check it out:

kris said...

hahahaah..i remember :D
thanks for the link!

thanks all again for your visit!

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