Tuesday, June 05, 2007

#365 - I made it!!!

March 2006 I stumbled upon Kuala Lumpur DP and that's when I jumped into the wagon of daily photo blogging. Boy, did I underestimated the commitment required to be a member of this wonderful community.
In the past 15 months, I eat, drink and sleep daily photo..some days better than others. It didn't matter now 'cos I made it! Can even proundly say that I learned so much about Szentes, more than my partner (who was born and bred in this town..ok, he was away for military school and collage). That's not all, I get to read so many interesting documents of different ways of life of your respective cities...oh, not forgetting, I also got to read some nice poetries(haiku) along the way:)
With this, I'm ready to announce that I'll withdraw from daily posting and from the listing. So, today is my last day of posting for CDP. I'll still update this blog but more for my own reference. There are a few topics that I wish to continue to pursue, in relation to restoration works that I've been following.
Thank you Eric! Thank you everyone for making this such a memorable experience!
ps. I have made a flash gallery of some of my favourites below. Scroll down if you wish to see it. Clicking on the photo will lead you to the specific post.

Monday, June 04, 2007

#364 - Catch of the day 3

Hmmm..I enjoy doing this "catch of the day" series..keep things fresh!

Remember this building? After weeks of no advancement, its good to see someone working on it again today. Slowly but surely the office/retail block is taking shape as we saw more new brick walls went up. Fingers crossed I'll report the completion in say...2010 :D

Sunday, June 03, 2007

#363 - catch of the day

Another one of those surprises. Usually we'd see horse carriages on and off but never a horse rider before. It happened so fast; I didn't have time to frame the shot nicely. Still am satisfied with the result especially seeing that smile from the rider :)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

#362 - Lazing

Can't think of a better way then spending the weekend like this ;)

Like the title suggests, am pretty lazy these days. Visit your blogs in the morning..G'night!

Friday, June 01, 2007

#361 - Paving art 2

Conitnuing on the subject of cobblestones ...
I suspect the paving on Bálint Kiss street are of the new(er) kind. Perhaps it's been refurbished along side with some other buildings works on-going on this street; but who cares! I simply love the oldie charm that this material exudes.
By the way, the street is yet to be fully accessible for traffic.
Okay, that's it! no more cobblestones, of course until I find the 3rd pavement..
Some history of this street:-
In Bálint Kiss Street (formerly Templom Street), which starts from behind the church, has several protected buildings (no. 1-12). The classicist Calvinist Parsonage built in 1836 (no. 2) gave shelter to Mihály Vörösmarty (a great Hungarian poet) during the years of the absolutism. Bálint Kiss (1772-1853), a Calvinist parson, whose name the street bears, was a polyhistor and a naturalist of his age. {source}
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