Friday, March 31, 2006

Memorial - Shinto Gate

I had some cocktail umbrellas which i used to compose the above image

I was truly amaze to see these oriental style stones in rememberance of Master Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, founder of Kyokushin karate in this little town of ours.

Later, I found out that it's call Shinto Gate, one of the younger memorials in the town. The idea came from former Kyokushin karate European champion and Szentes' born, Sándor Bresovai, when the town had the honour to organise the European championship in 2001.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some facts

*shot taken from library , my heart was beating so fast
Just some numbers for your info. , population of the town is 31,000 over the total of 10 millions for the nation. In recent years, the goverment has created quite a number of incentives to encourage more than one child per family as the population is decreasing ! (-0.1%) What ever the perks offered, most couples stll believe in quality over do I .

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Watchful eyes

He/she is "working" on a construction site. This is my first time seeing a dog guarding building materials or perhaps, i've been ignorant all these years. The eyes, they look sad .

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Night scene

This shot was taken in panning mode, just to add some excitement into the night scene :) Streets of Szentes are almost deserted in the evening. Something which i have yet to get fully used to.. Of course, you still have a choice of spending the night away (closed by 11-midnight) at some pubs, small casino (which i should do a post on), restaurants, pizza place, etc.

Friday, March 24, 2006

We have a Box too

* Monday Mar,27 2006*
Meet Box no.57 ! Yup, Tesco finally makes it way to our humble town. Obviously the arrival of the giant is not welcoming news to small retailers here :/

What is so bad about the box? ..more jobs , local vendors get orders (part of the agreement), convenient 24 hours shopping, a place to go on Sundays (where everywhere is close)......

Personally, me and my partner get to exercise a lot more by walking there and oh not forgeting, they offer tastier chinese food among other outlets,to ease my cravings :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006


* Friday Mar,24 2006*
You see, for my photography experiment, I sometimes buy potted plants. After use, i'll try very hard to keep the plants alive. Only a few managed to survive under my care ,thus far (over-caring, perhaps?) :p .
Well when I saw this balcony full of flowers from far, i was envious , thinking "how lovely ..wish i had the same", i walk faster to take a closer peep...only to find out that those are PLASTIC Flowers!! :D

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stop polluting !

* Thursday Mar,23 2006*
The river is usually pretty clean and clear, but yesterday i found some polluted areas :( ..oh well, at least the flowers actually make the polluted area looks better ..hmmmmm..

Reviving the beauty

Everytime I pass this building, i ask myself "Why is it not being restored ?" It's really sad and waste to abandon such an architectural beauty . This 107 year-old building was formerly a hotel. Currently only the theatre house is still in operation. Hopefully the owner would do something about it ,soon !

Monday, March 20, 2006


* Tuesday Mar,21 2006*
Rendezvous Fountain is the name of the statue , one of my favourites. Benches surround the fountain ..hmm, i guess meant for lovers ;) . Soon, water will flow from those pipes and I'll show you a livelier version ;)

snack , anyone ?

Dieters , you can slowly walk away..heheh

Fresh from the Sunday market, Lángos (pronounce Langosh) , the all time favourite breakfast/snack of people here (and whole of Hungary:).

Lángos is dough deep-fried in oil (i saw one recipe online which uses lard ..hope it's not true :s) . Spread lángos with some crushed garlic, sour cream and grated cheese ...most delicious !! but, i like mine simple just with a little garlic!

It's a shame that the snack is not as famous as Hungarian Goulash and paprika ;)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

He got style

Dont you just love what he's wearing ?..that's what triggered me to take this photo :) He was doing some clearing infront of a flowers shop :)

Enjoy your Sunday!


Moscow (Menggarang) , these are for you :) .. meanwhile , thanks to Denton's clever advise, i'll start another blog in order for extra photos :)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Busó Festival

Last year I missed the Busó (pronounce Busho) festival..probably because I wasnt into photography then :p, this is my first photo about Busó , taken last February ..these guys are the Slovenian Busó (pronounce Busho) performers ..Love the smile :)

A little bit about the festival :-
"The Busó festivities is a tradition stemming from a few thousand-year-old nature-praising belief system..a celebration of farewell to Winter, a welcome of Spring, the renewal of nature, birth, and the progeny of cattle. It is partly the promise of love, embrace, lust, growing up, becoming a man, belief in the future, happiness, friendship, and the will to live ."

Highlights of our town 1

If you are here in Szentes, you may want to visit Fridrich János Photo Studio. The studio which was established in 1905 currently is made permanent gallery of Mr.Fridrich works and equipment. This was once a favourite meeting place for local artists.You will be received by a gallery guide who would love to share his knowledge about the gallery with you :)) ; however, you'll need a translator if you dont speak Hungarian :)


FYI, had to re-create this blog under the name of "SzentesDailyPhoto" as advised by Denton. had move all content to this site :)

Spring is almost HERE!

snow melting, sun shining about 5°c outdoor ! I could feel the energy coming to me.. getting ready for spring !!!

Modern Hungary

a day to mark the birth of modern parliamentary Hungary and the national festival of the Republic of Hungary

Another cold day

Snow snow go away, come again another year !!With all the snowing , nothing much been happening . Life seem to be on a stand still ..Today's greatest find is to have shot this abstract-like patent snow outside the town's librabry :))*pardon me.. the blog is still in its teething period :)
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