Thursday, June 29, 2006

Haiku, dragon fly, hiatus

*Szentes' dragon fly, my first shot*
continuing from yesterday, whilst searching for poets, I came to know Haiku is popular among Hungarian artists, here's one of the them to compliment the photo :-
Perhaps do not even touch it.
Just look at it, look at it,
until it becomes beautiful.
~by Éva Antal
I'm going off for a holiday this afternoon and shall be back next Saturday (July8). In the meantime, the comment box has been switch off as I won't have access to internet. Ciao!


Gerald England said...

Love the photo.

For dragon-related haiku you really should visit Dragon Daruma Museum

Kris said...

thanks Gerald! i shall take a read ;)

Mandy said...

I like this photo very much.

May I reproduce it on my blog?

Mandy's Meanderings

Mandy said...


You will find it at

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