Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some facts

*shot taken from library , my heart was beating so fast
Just some numbers for your info. , population of the town is 31,000 over the total of 10 millions for the nation. In recent years, the goverment has created quite a number of incentives to encourage more than one child per family as the population is decreasing ! (-0.1%) What ever the perks offered, most couples stll believe in quality over do I .


bob said...

Native population is going down here too but there's lots of immigration.

menggarang said...

Haha, i love it!!!
It's hard to take pictures of people, but this one is great!

luminlight said...

Haha... I like the posture of the reader? Where was this taken?

Edwin Sumun said...

Quality over Quantity eh? This old lady probably was thinking the same thing ;)

Kris said...

bob - yes, that could be one aspect..:)

menggarang : i was looking at her for long time before deciding to click, she was deep in reading :)

luminlight : inside the town library .. the posture , perhaps easier to read :)

edwin : heheh..naughty :D

Lisi said...

Hi Kris, this is a great would have loved a copy, she has a real character face, haha...also I like your occupation in the profile...that's my dream job.

Grant F said...

fabulous shot...she is so expressive. she looks a real character

chris.h. said...

your last 2 photos have been wonderful--differnt breeds but both great characters!!

Ggraph said...

That truly is one of the best photo I've seen. I want to know about this lady - what she's seen in her lifetime.
Did you speak with her and get her story?
Have a great weekend.

Kris said...

lisi - thanks, Lisi ! dream job ? yes, sometimes still you have to look for a lot of activities to fill the time :)

Grant and chris -thanks :)

Mark - i would love to speak to her , if i speak the language . You know, i always find speaking with elderlies much more fascinating :)

Adam Lee Dalziel said...

love this picture - amazing!

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