Friday, March 17, 2006

Busó Festival

Last year I missed the Busó (pronounce Busho) festival..probably because I wasnt into photography then :p, this is my first photo about Busó , taken last February ..these guys are the Slovenian Busó (pronounce Busho) performers ..Love the smile :)

A little bit about the festival :-
"The Busó festivities is a tradition stemming from a few thousand-year-old nature-praising belief system..a celebration of farewell to Winter, a welcome of Spring, the renewal of nature, birth, and the progeny of cattle. It is partly the promise of love, embrace, lust, growing up, becoming a man, belief in the future, happiness, friendship, and the will to live ."


Nicola said...

Great costumes! I would love to join them in welcoming the spring... It's close for sure! Welcome to the Daily Photo Bloggers!!

chris.h. said...

Welcome to the 'family'. I love your old cameras photo--wonderful feel to it.i've added you to my links.

menggarang said...

It's interesting, it looks like russian Maslenitsa *a celebration of farewell to Winter, a welcome of Spring*
Very interesting, I'm a little disappointed with only one photo(, maybe you could post some extra photos?

Lisi said...

haha this is the first time I see this...they look kind of cuddly

Carlos said...

Welcome to our group, I see we are gaining in quality with members like you. You have nice photos around here, this one is very colorful and it is interesting to know about this traditions

Carlos said...

Welcome to our group. I see you have good taste and colorful pictures. We will keep in touch. I like the costumes they are wearing.

Kris said...

Hi Nicola ! Thanks ! :)
oh..i hope it's really close ,i heard the forecast says begining of Apr ..boy :s..

Hello Chris, Thanks for adding me, will definitely keep in touch :)

Hi, Menggarang! many people told me they have something similar :) about extra photos, i'll look for better ones ;) and post it up, okay :) thanks

Hi ! Lisi , heheh..if possible tomorrow, i 'll show the much more cuddly one ;)

Hi Carlos ! yes, i will see you around the family :))

Cynthia! said...

welcome to us daily photosbloggers!!Great costumes!
I´m linking you up right now..:)

Denton said...

One of the tricks that other bloggers us is to have a second blog where they put there additional photos. Then place a link in their original post. ParisDailyPhotoMakingOf is a good example.

mea said...

Welcome to the family. I hope that the weather is still cool for these people though, those costumes look so hot!

Kris said...

Hi, Cynthia ! Thanks for the message :)..I'll look forward to your photos ,too :)

Hello , Denton.. Thanks for the great advise! let me set up soon..first i must familiarize with this ;)

Hey, Mea ! oh, the weather was below 0 ..but they did look hot in the :o

Thanks everyone for dropping by !

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