Saturday, March 18, 2006

He got style

Dont you just love what he's wearing ?..that's what triggered me to take this photo :) He was doing some clearing infront of a flowers shop :)

Enjoy your Sunday!


Moscow (Menggarang) , these are for you :) .. meanwhile , thanks to Denton's clever advise, i'll start another blog in order for extra photos :)


Anne said...

Welcome to the family! I love the shirt of that man too! he looks tired though :p

menggarang said...

Ok, about 1st photo:
What a nice gentleman! I think he has tobacco pipe in his pocket, or something like that.

Buso festival photos:
Thank you thank you thank you!
Their costumes are great!

Anna said...

Welcome to the Daily Photo Family! Your pictures are very interesting.

chris.h. said...

Love the pic of the old guy cleaning the leaves.

Lisi said...

yup, that first photo is a nice photo of city scene

bob said...

That looks like hot and thirsty work

midnitebara said...

hi and welcome from Akita, Japan. The costumes for that festival has some similarities to a costume of a local festival here. Hope to post it someday.

Kris said...

Thanks , anne ! feels good to be in this family :)

Menggarang : i looked closer ..couldnT see it !!!

Hi Akita ! would love to see the costumes there ..upload soon :)

Hi Anna,Chris,Lisi,Bob !! I hope to check everyone's photos soon :)

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