Tuesday, September 18, 2007

#366 - Getting started...

I was delighted to read an update on the restoration of the former Petőfi Hotel from the on-line portal. While returning to Szentes for a visit last weekend, I took the opportunity to snap this banner. The banner is to signify a new beginning, a co-operation between Pendola (the project company) and Szentes town on the work of restoration!
What can we expect by the end of the restoration ...
1) A 4-star hotel with the usual restaurant & pub.
2) Turkish bath
3) Squash court
4) Gym
5) Childcare centre
6) Casino (sorry, cant say i agree with having this...but i guess it'll create more employments)
Before the works begin in 2008, sadly we'll have to say good bye to the popular Petőfi café & confectionery, which is located at the same building. My partner's father will have to look for another café for his morning coffee and pool gatherings. Also, a furnishing shop will have to be relocated as well.
Cheers, for a fresh beginning!

That's all for now..will keep updating here ;)


slinger said...

interesting looking project. the building, as it is has quite a character to it.

magiceye said...

hey.... great to see you back...

warm welcome! hugs!!

Mandy said...

good to see you still around.

I hope they do something respectful with the building.

Kris said...

it's a prominent building at the centre of the town and so, it's nice to know finally someone is financing the project :)

Magic and Mandy,
Yup, am here and there ;) am not online as much since moving.

*hugs* Thanks for stopping by you guys.

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