Thursday, September 20, 2007

#367 - Storks collage

Storks have been a yearly subject of this blog. This time I'm posting photos taken over a few weeks period.

A second nest found before the entrance to the town centre...amazing!

Mama, feed me!

Earlier I reported that only one stork was sighted, but later I saw 3 baby storks emerged :)

Time to go again. See you next year!


Debbie Shiamay said...

Wow... Beautiful pictures! Are you interested in photography? How in the world did you manage to catch such a perfect angle?

Bill said...

Very cool, I don't think I ever saw a stork before.

Kim said...

Kris, I've always loved your stork photos! The second one in this group is really an outstanding shot, too!

Hey, surprise! I've tagged you and now you're it! Please visit my Wednesday post to see what to do,
Seattle Daily Photo

Jazzy said...

oh how nice to see you back Kris =) =) =)

Kris said...

aha, i'm into photography. However, lately i havent been inspired :)

seriously? well, they are amazing!

eek, i'll get it done soonest, okay ;)

not permanently..just updating as and when there're interesting news :)

Thank you all for your visits!

Suzanne said...


It's been a LONG time! You may remember my from my now defunct Nashville Daily Photo. I am reducing my Daily Photo links and will keep yours on board because I love to see what's happening in Szentes. I'll assume that you're still posting but not as regularly....

I just wanted to invite you over to look at my new blogs.

Your stork photos are amazing! Those legs!

Kris said...

Hi Suzanne,
Good to hear from you!
Just took a look from you profile and wow! you have many blogs :D

as I explain to the rest, I have limited time to surf these days ; however, I sure will drop by one of your blogs SOON!

Thanks :)

Momo :) said...

Amazing photos!!


Jilly said...

These stork photos are superb. Such beautiful birds and so beautifully photographed too.

a said...

Very nice photos! I love these animals.

kris said...

Thanks everyone again for stopping by :)

the storks have return !!

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