Tuesday, July 11, 2006

{Balaton trip} Places of interest 1

As we entered the first room of Festetics Museum {Keszthely, Balaton}, classical sound of piano greeted us. What a delightful feeling, it was! They were not playing for the crowd but were probably practicing for the summer concerts, which the museum organises each week at the garden or at the splendid rooms. I found out about the concert only on the last day when on the way home(!) whilst reading one of those travel brochures :p ..won't miss it the next time!

The museum was formerly a home (palace, actually) to the Festetics family, one of the richest Hungarian aristocratic families.

Take a short tour here, if you wish :-)
The Garden
The Library
Random dark corner (which i like very much)
Fave piece in the Palace


midnitebara said...

nice to have you back!!

Joe said...

I love these images! fantastic museum!

edwin s said...

The light is beautiful. The room is so ornate and I'm sure the acoustics must be fabbbbbulous. I would fit in so well :)

Still in post-holiday blues?

Ëarithranduil said...

Hello Kris!
Beautiful museum...

This kind of art resulted of a school work.
You can find it in "Vale das Flores", Flowers Valley!

Kris said...

midnite : thanks! and hey like that profie pic;)

joe : yes, they are such a delight to look at, have to visit again!

edwin : hahah, recovering ..but still hope i'M under the sun and by the "beach" ...

earith : thanks for info. the students are talented :)

thank you all for visiiting :)

Jazzy said...

Great building, I like the pictures very much, I always wanted to visit Balaton, maby one day.

Lisi said...

Hi Kris, it's really good that you're back, miss seeing your photos since the day you left ;-)

Neorelix said...

Very grand - nice composition and beautiful colours.

AnnJay said...

Hi Kris! Glad you're back.

Very elegant interior.

Just to let you know, Postcards' URL changed to http://annjayspostcards.blogspot.com

Take care!

maiylah said...

such wonderful places!! couldn't blame you if you're still in your "post-holiday blues"... ;p

Kris said...

jazzy : you've heard of balaton? you should see it one day :)

lisi : thanks, Lisi!yes, I miss yours and many others as well :)

annjay : good, i'll update the link ;)

maiylah : me , over acting ..hahaha :D

thank you all for visiting!

Felicia said...

Love the high ceilings, mirror, and candle holders! I liked the random dark corner too - looks great in B&W.

Natalie said...

ooh..I like this picture. That room is gorgeous.

Rebecca said...

I just love your photos and your blog. I'm a Californian who used to live in Hungary and misses it very much! Your photos help the homesickness a little. :)

Terra Vecchia said...

symapthique tout cela alors c'est vacances c'etait comment envoie moi un mail et je reponderais a plus tard...

anne said...

Hi Kris! Welcome back! Whoa that museum is beautiful! The details are stunning! I'm sure it was fun going around it :)

Ame said...

Hi Kris!

So glad I stopped by...FINALLY! So many blogs to SEE! ;-)

Your shots are simply gorgeous...I've never seen a lake shot like that either...breath-taking!

And I LOVE DRAGONGLIES! What a treat to see the beautiful shot you took...great up-close focus...and depth of field! Aren't their wings nature's best lace?

Count me in as a regular visitor now!

Welcome back!

dutchie said...

Kris this is unbelievable!!
Tomorrow i will go on vacation and do you know where to : Lake Balaton!
First i am going to visit my sister who lives in Bacau, Rumania and after a week we're going over to Hungary.
I wish i had more time to visit all your pictures (we have very limited internet acces on the way)but i am glad i saw something already!

Kris said...

dutchie : wow! what a coincidence! enjoy your trip and have a safe one :)

ame : thanks for dropping by :).i'm looking forward to yours too

anne : i cant wait to go again for the concerts ;)

rebecca : it's amazing, so far i've many who said they've lived here. great to have know you :)

thank you again everyone for stopping by !

Carlos said...

Lovely design on those walls. I like the spider lamp and chandeliers. Excellent choice Kris

Nicola said...

What a wonderful setting for a concert!

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