Friday, July 28, 2006

another Hallmark moment

Edwin of KLDP would probably agree on the title. Am I right, Edwin?
Plenty of activities going on at the square while me, a desparate DP blogger, hanging about eyeing for cheesy moments! I decided on this shot because there's something about the friendship/intimacy between these 4 gentlemen. For a change, tell me what you dislike about this photo *evil grin..hehe*


Terra Vecchia said...

je n'aime pas la profondeur de champs elle n'est pas assé flou et tu ai trop cadré un léger d'essentrage sur la droite maurrait beaucoup plus,mais ce n'est que mon avis

Kris said...

merci, Terra :)
yes I agree the DOF is fuzzy and didnt like it either ..hahah!

the rest, I dont really understand what you meant. Any translator?

Sally said...

love the water spurt!

selana18 said...

So a change now ,

This photo has to much things to observe. I like the water and the
people that I didn't like is the cars , if there is a grass or a building at their place ?

The next you will see these friends tell them to hug - it will be a nice photo too .

Lisi said...

mmm...dislike? that's not easy, cos there are interesting points as well. Can't say I have anything that I dislike ;-)

edwin s said...

yes, very hallmark :)

But I'm thinking this: The four men are talking about the days when they used to podium dance and now all they do is watch the boys walk past.

Do I dislike anything about the shot? Hmm... Just to play devil's advocate, I'd say the old men. They interfere with the detail of the spurting water. ;) (but even that could be allegory, old men=spurt) Go figure ;)

maiylah said... could have used photofiltre to edit those colors, instead of picasa2? LOL...!!!
so trivial, really... ;p

Persa said...

Well I'm not sure that I dislike anything, but one thing I like is the color in the centre of the photo and b/w around as a kind of frame. Cool :o)

Zebigleb said...

This is a nice work maybe a little hard to understand at the first glance, finally I love it
Have a nice WE !

Jenny said...

Kris, you know I'm a big fan of your photographs! But since you asked - I think that it's got too much going on - the water AND the men and the bicycle on the side and the black and white and color trick...simplify!

Kris said...

thank you, Jenny! When I spoted these 4 gents, all the sudden a biyclcle came ..but I didnt wait for some of the surroundings to clear. I'll be patience next time ;D

you're so kind ! enjoy your wE as well!

yup, like Jenny has said, since there too much going on, the framing was to emphasize the the subject i'm talking about ;)

hehehe..i got very lazy in this heat!

hahahaah, you cracked me! could be, reason the water was focus and not the men was that I was pretending and dont want to seem obvious photographing the men :p

Selena ,
I didnt wait too long for them to hug. Yes, that would be superb, eh?

oh, this is soo much fun to see your reaction. I appreciate your comments. Thanks for taking the time :)

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