Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When the train leaves

Dug from the archive, taken at the train station.
You must listen to this song by a famous hungarian singer, titled Mikor elindul a vonat (when the train leaves)

Szentes was the birthplace of Hungarian railcar operations; the two-axle
railcars built by GANZ were initially introduced here at the end of the 1920s
and passenger traffic on the surrounding lines has been served by railcars ever
since. Nowadays the local rolling stock mainly comprises 6341 railcars purchased
from Russia a few years ago.
- source

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Jazzy said...

hello Kris,
nice to see you're still around in cdp world.

Hyde DP said...

good to see you posting again.

Mo said...

Love this photo.

kris said...

thank you Jazzy, Gerald and Mo!

will post whenever i could :)

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