Monday, December 31, 2007

Old creation given new life

You can't tell but the scene WAS taken one crazy morning in Szentes many moons ago . The apple(s) of course was added later by yours truly.

Story behind this post...
When Mandy requested from a bunch of us for a photo of apple, I remembered this and dug it out from my archive . Then she come up with this haiga which I simply love!

Mandy submited it to an interesting astropoetry project - Newton and the Striking Apple coordinated by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe . This morning, I got news that our work (mainly Mandy's) have been published . Do visit the site, it's an eye opener (for me)

Many thanks to Mandy and Andrei for this opportunity!

Oh, here's wishing all a blessed new year !

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Ackworth Born said...

Oh kris that is a great photo and mandy has created a delicious haiga from it.

I too contributed poetry to that anthology and have extracted mine and that of two compatriots on my Ackworthborn blog.

Happy new year from Gerald, aka Hyde DP

Jazzy said...

Hi Kris I wish you all the best in the New 2008, lots of laugher and happiness!

Curly said...

I'd like to wish you well for 2008 too, Happy New Year!
from South Shields Daily Photo

Kris said...

Gerald, Jazzy, & Curly,
Thanks for the wishes! Cheers :)

yes, Mandy did a great job! will hop by to read yours in a bit ;)

Zsolt said...

happy new year Kris!:)

Kris said...

Szia Zsolt,
am late but I wish the same :)

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