Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where to go for flicks ?

If you're don't mind watching Hollywood/Europe latest releases a few months late, then the town's cinema is a nice place to get some entertainment :)

The cinema though small, offers comfortable seating (recently renewed) ; so, don't be "turned off" by the exterior. It also shows wide ranges of movies, I've even watched one of Wong_Kar_Wai artsy films here ;) . very important reminder :- the cinema will not show the movie if less than 4 tickets sold! Would be wise to ask some friends to tag along or you can choose to pay for extra tickets to make up the shortage :D

However, one major dissapointment for me is that most blockbusters are dubbed into Hungarian. Animated films are definitely dubbed for the children. Not even subtitled :( Again, another reason for me to learn the language fast!!


bob said...


Dustin said...

Really nice colours on this photo. I looked through your site and the photos are brilliant. I'll bookmark you and I'll come back as often as possible.

Sam said...

Love the warm colors of the cinema - and movies might be a good way to learn a language!

Ggraph said...

The colors in the photo are striking! The contrast of the blue sky is perfect against the building.Excellent image.
It reminds me of a place we used to visit in the summer. You had to call early in the day and let them know you wanted to see the movie and if enough people called they would show it that evening.
Have a great weekend!

Cynthia! said...

looks nice and cosy to reaaaly enjoy a film!!

menggarang said...

I like cosy theaters like that, those are the best place for watching movies imho. Nice shot.
Here in Moscow we have few small theaters that shows old movies from 20s to 90s, all classic movies could be seen there, and this is great.

Kris said...

Sam : yeah, i try to watch some talk shows to at least familiar with some words, thanks :)

Mark : hey, you gave me an idea! i shall suggest to them to put up the phone number , thanks :)

Moscow : yes, there is something similar in another city which is about 73 km away! Its pretty good feeling watching classics :)

Nicola said...

Looks like a cozy movie theater! Same here in the Rheingau with the dubbed movies. But one theater in Wiesbaden has a special night for movies in their orginal sound once a week.

Adam Lee Dalziel said...

This does not look like a cinema at all, but does look like a great place to watch some movies.

I'm glad that these small independent cinemas are still surviving, they tend to show some great films that you dont get to hear about.

I really sorry you dont get to understand much of whats going on - but I guess its helping you learn the language in some subliminal way.

I get a sense that the village you live in is so quaint and charming - a lovely place to live i'm sure.


Grant F said...

looks like a very cozy, homely cinema...bit more charcater than your average multiplex. shame about the dubbing...i was fortunate when i was in japan that they subtitle the was great to be the only person in the whole cinema laughing at times!

Kris said...

Grant : hahah..know what u mean, i found a bit akward for me to laugh alone though :D

Adam : it's true , some of the films were not even shown in big cinemas in the cities . As for life in this town, it really helped me to not take everyday for granted, slow down and smell the "roses" :)

Nicola : ha we have the same system ..well they do show English ones but not major blockbuster, so we'll catch up on Dvds :)

Thank you all for dropping by :))

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